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Green Practices At Our South Lake Tahoe Resort

Forest Suites Resort at Heavenly Village understands the importance of energy efficiency, conservation, sustainability and green purchasing practices. We have made a commitment to Lake Tahoe, planet earth and guests of our South Lake Tahoe hotel to ensure we contribute the least amount of green house gas emissions, and create a healthier environment for everyone. We understand this involves ongoing efforts to continue to make changes that positively impact our environment and the beautiful world we live in. Our South Lake Tahoe hotel is fully committed!

Elevated Fitness: Our South Lake Tahoe hotel has officially partnered with Elevated Fitness which is located across the street (100 yard walk) from our Lake Tahoe Lodging. There, you can sign up for “Green” exercise classes conducted at their facility throughout the week. Elevated Fitness is a high altitude, carbon-neutral, human-powered fitness facility focusing on dynamic, scientific workouts. Elevated produces more electricity than they use, acting as a mini-power plant. By using inverter-equipped spin bikes which deliver electricity back to the grid, Elevated members provide the electricity which powers the lights, computers, fans, etc., making Elevated one of only two truly sustainable, human-powered facilities in the country, and one of five on the planet. After a tough workout, you’ll leave feeling good about yourself and your impact on the planet.
LED Installation: In 2011, we made a dramatic step in reducing green house emissions by changing every light bulb at our South Lake Tahoe hotel, totaling over 4000 incandescent & fluorescent bulbs that were switched to LED’s. This transformation will reduce our light bulb energy consumption by 50%. A study by the global management consulting firm McKinsey & Co. proved this point even further by citing Commercial LED lighting as one of the most cost effective ways to abate carbon. LED’s are more environmentally friendly because they do not contain mercury like fluorescents and they last longer which means that over the course of their life they consume less materials and energy to transport & manufacture the bulbs.
Green Clean Program: In 2011, we developed a property initiative to reward our guests with a gift (bottle of wine or a snack pack) if they decline full housekeeping services. Everyday that guests of our South Lake Tahoe hotel decline housekeeping services, we deliver an aforementioned gift of their choice as thanks for participating. Also, we empty the trash and deliver fresh towels to the room. At our Lake Tahoe lodging, we believe there is wasted energy when it comes to cleaning a room everyday & declining these services saves on bed linens, towel usage, water, electricity, chemicals, etc…
Recycling Soaps: In 2012, Forest Suites Resort in South Lake Tahoe began recycling and distributing all of our soap and shampoo products discarded by our guests to 30 different countries around the world including the United States. We linked up with “Clean the World” who is dedicated to preventing millions of deaths caused by not having a product many of us take for granted- Soap. Simply providing soap to the less fortunate reduces and minimizes diseases and multiple types of fatal and near fatal sicknesses. We estimate our total donation of soap and bottled amenities is over 1800 lbs per year based upon our occupancy and total guest room count. We expect the amount of recycled amenities will give 91 children soap for an entire year.
EE Guest Amenities: In 2012, we introduced a NEW collection of bath soap, shampoo, lotion and bath gel that is Eco-Friendly called Ecossential Elements. The contents and packaging are biodegradable and are categorized under the E.R.P. “Environmentally Responsible Products”. This product is made with an organic, non-toxic based additive. It is a spa type product that we are thrilled to have at our South Lake Tahoe resort.
stryofoam Eliminating Styrofoam: In 2011, our South Lake Tahoe resort eliminated Styrofoam and introduced a corn product that is an eco-friendly alternative. Styrofoam is non-biodegradable and non-recyclable. According to Washington University, Styrofoam takes 500 years to decompose; it cannot be recycled, so the Styrofoam cups dumped in landfills are there to stay.
Recycling Paper: In 2011, we took a very proactive approach to recycling ALL paper and cardboard. Our South Lake Tahoe resort has weekly scheduled pickup of our extra large canisters to ensure our paper is 100% recycled.


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